The legacy of the Amana Furniture & Clock Shop dates back to the 1850s when craftsmen of the Amana Society built furniture exclusively for the members of the community. Exceptional care was taken to construct each piece to last for generations. Today, these exacting standards are still employed to create quality Amana furniture made exclusively at the original Amana Furniture & Clock Shop in the village of Amana.  

Amana furniture distinctively features durable hardwoods, masterful craftsmanship, and expert finishing, combined for both design and function.  Our facility allows guests to view our craftsmen at work.

Our showroom offers a one-of-a-kind experience with a large display of clocks, unique furniture pieces, and locally made gifts. We also feature a wide selection of home furnishings that include leather and fabric upholstery, wall art, lamps, and home décor.  We offer custom laser engraving for individual or corporate gifts, memorials, and indoor & outdoor signage.

Amana Furniture & Clock Shop
724 48th Avenue
PO Box 260
Amana, IA 52203

Phone: 800-247-5088