Attached is information for employees enrolled in ASI’s health care plan detailing next month’s adjustments. As many of you recall, the employee contribution to health care premiums did not increase last year. This year due to costs rising significantly, we needed to increase the employee contribution that was in line with our overall premium increases. You may only consider this information if you are on ASI’s health insurance.

We strive to provide excellent health insurance and other employee benefits as usual. Please remember that the Wellness Reimbursement benefit for Full Time employees is $200 this year for items that improve your physical health. The Wellness Reimbursement can also pay for copays and other fees not covered by health insurance. Contact Angie Herr at with any questions. 

This year, if employees on our health insurance choose to use Doctor on Demand, the copay for this service will be reimbursed. 

Reimbursements for the Wellness and Doctor on Demand go through the employee payroll, which will deduct taxes and 401k contributions.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Sue.