Beginning January 1st, 2023 ASI will be offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to all permanent full and part-time employees. This EAP provides counseling services, legal and financial consultations, elder care and child care resources, life coaching, and crisis response. Counseling services – either for an immediate need or up to six ongoing sessions – will also be available to family members living in the same household as an Amana Society employee. All of this will be at NO CHARGE to the employee or their family members.

Employee & Family Resources is a non-profit based out of Des Moines, is the company we are partnering with to provide this benefit. Employee & Family Resources was established in 1964, and they network with masters-level counselors throughout the state so that employees and their family members have the option to meet with a counselor either in person or through telehealth sessions. Using this company also ensures confidentiality for everyone who participates. Amana Society will only know that services were used, not who used the program or why. Managers will have some additional resources, including referral services and mental health training.

ASI EAP Service Summary (2022)