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AMANA (August 30th) Amana Farms is enrolling 3,300 acres of their 2022-23 crop fields into Cargill RegenConnectTM – a voluntary market-based regenerative agriculture program offering producers a simple, flexible, and transparent way to access the growing carbon marketplace.


Cargill RegenConnect offers one-crop-year contracts to producers’ customers in fifteen Midwest states to sequester carbon through implementing new or expanded regenerative agriculture practices.


“Amana Farms has been involved in cover crops and reduced tillage practices for years. It’s a way to leave our land, waters, and climate in better shape for future generations,” said John McGrath, Amana Farms Manager. “Cargill RegenConnect provides us the resources and market access we need to monetize carbon credits and strengthen our commitment to regenerative agricultural.”


“Amana Farms recently purchased a strip-till machine for reducing tillage in our newly enrolled ’23 crop acres,” said McGrath, “The majority of our reduced tillage acres this crop year will be in corn.”


Carbon sequestration achieved through Cargill RegenConnect will contribute to Cargill’s scope 3 climate commitment and help the company’s downstream customers achieve their voluntary carbon reduction goals. Cargill aims to have 10 million acres enrolled in sustainable and regenerative farming programs by 2030. Farmers interested in enrolling their fields for the 2022-23 crop season can do so until September 16.


On September 7th, Cargill hosted an in-person field day at the Amana RV Park for their customers with hands-on soil health demonstrations and panel discussions to provide resources to learn more about emerging carbon markets.


For more information about Cargill RegenConnect, growers can visit www.cargillregenconnect.com.