These are our values. They underlie all business we conduct and decisions we make.


Be honest and fair in dealing with ourselves and others. Always take the high road and challenge others in the organization who don’t. Say what we will do, then do what we say.


In all aspects of business, be responsible. Live up to financial obligations. Live within our means. Be good stewards of equipment, facilities and land.


Operate as if we will own the business forever. Do not allow the water to be tainted, the earth to be poisoned, the air to be polluted or the landscape to be littered. To the extent practical, re­-use, recycle, reclaim.


In everything, follow the motto, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well ” Our reputation is built on quality work and products and by delivering outstanding customer service.


Operate each asset or business of the Society as if it were your own. Take pride and individual responsibility in and for what you do. Lead, do more than just follow directions. Look for a better, more efficient, higher quality, or more profitable way.

The Amana Way:

Reflects our German heritage and Midwestern values. It means keeping things neat, clean and in order. It means getting the work done and done well.


As with all values, to your own self be true or to your own heritage be true. A story is more believable as well as more interesting, if it is true.


Respond to changes in markets. Offer new (while authentic) experiences, making best use of assets and resources.