We strive to live our six core values every day.


We have a willingness to share our knowledge and expertise without expecting anything in return. We go above and beyond what our job description describes.


We have a commitment to continuously learn and develop new skills.  We seek feedback and constructive criticism from fellow employees. We pursue new challenges and take initiative.  We are lifelong learners.


We have a positive and proactive mindset that fosters a can-do spirit.  We stay positive even when faced with adversity and we are accountable for our actions. We show gratitude and work together to solve problems.


We treat others with dignity, courtesy and consideration. We listen actively, communicate respectfully, and show empathy.


We convey information clearly and listen attentively to others. We provide feedback but are respectful of other’s time and use it wisely.


We have a clear sense of purpose and direction. We direct our efforts toward the greater good of the organization.